Q: What is Acorn’s fiscal year?

A: The fiscal year ends on December 31.

Q: How can I get Acorn’s latest financial statements?

A: To view Acorn’s financial statements, please click here.

For more information about Acorn International, contact our investor relations department by clicking on the link below.

Q; What exchange does Acorn international trade on and what is its ticker symbol?

A: Our shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, or the NYSE, symbol ATV

Q: When did Acorn International become a publicly traded company?

A:  The Company and certain of our shareholders completed the initial public offering of ADSs in May 2007.

Q:  How many shares and ADSs are outstanding:

A:  As of May 23, 2018, we had 53,437,890 outstanding ordinary shares which is equal to approximately 2,671,895 ADSs.

Q: What is the ADS to ordinary share ratio?

A:  Effective November 30, 2015, Acorn changed the ratio of its ADSs to ordinary shares from 3 ordinary shares to 1 ADS to 20 ordinary shares to 1 ADS.  Holders of ADS entitled received 3 new ADSs, each representing 20 ordinary shares, in exchange for every 20 ADSs surrendered by them, with the ratio change having the same effect as a three-for-twenty (or 1 for approximately 6.66) reverse ADS split.

Q: Where is Acorn International located?

A: We are headquartered in Shanghai. In addition, we have office and call center spaces in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuxi.

Q: How many employees does Acorn International have?

A: As of December 31, 2017, we had 128 employees.

Q: Who are Acorn International’s independent auditors?

A: Our independent auditors are Grant Thornton CPA LLP.

Q:  Who is Acorn International’s outside legal counsel?

A: Our outside legal counsel is Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP.

Q:  Who is the depositary for your American Depositary Receipts?

A:  Citibank, N.A. serves as our depositary.