acornfresh was born to provide healthy, safe, and tasty seafood to families across China. We import high-quality seafood from the purest oceans of Iceland, Norway, the Arctic, Canada, Australia and America. We supply hundreds of renowned restaurants across the country, and since 2018 we started shipping our seafood directly to our customers’ doorstep.

Our products are fresher than fresh: each fish is single frozen at sea, which means that the fish gets frozen on the boat within minutes after leaving the ocean, and we do not unfreeze it during processing and packaging.

With five cold storage warehouses across China, acornfresh utilizes state-of-the-art cold chain delivery networks to reach more than 200 cities with fully frozen products.

Our community is growing very rapidly as our members understand the importance of controlling the supply chain from the boat until final product, and the highly nutritious value of quality seafood.

Acornfresh caters to all family members: our special kid’s line provides precut and thoughtfully weighted seafood ingredients to busy moms who want to ensure their child is getting the best nutrition, and in the right proportion. Several fish species are also available to cook special dishes for the rest of the family.

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