Acorn Streaming is a lifestyle and entertainment media platform that showcases a variety of streaming content from influential individual and is primarily focused on live streaming and pre-recorded video content creation. Featuring topics that range from sports to culinary know-hows to other entertainment content, Acorn Streaming strives to share exceptional experiences and taste for better living with the world through this interactive online channel, producing both live streaming and catalogued content within the areas of Cooking, sports/fitness, music & dance and language for distribution across multiple China based digital platforms.

China’s live streaming users grew 23% year-over-year to 422 million in 2017 according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), with over 40% viewing live streaming on a daily basis. Acorn is leveraging nearly 20 years of direct marketing expertise in China to transition from its legacy tie to TV media to online live streaming media, launching both “pay per view” live streaming as well as “click to buy” live streaming e-commerce.

Acorn Streaming is currently streaming across multiple media channels in China, including and Tmall, as well as multiple niche platforms that support live and/or pre-recorded streaming. Acorn Streaming is also developing longer, episode-oriented, pre-filmed video content, in some cases derived from its live streaming content, which can be put across these same platforms as well as other popular platforms in China that support pre-filmed content.