Born from Acorn’s almost two decades of TV informercial marketing, Babaka is now a household brand name in China.  Babaka posture correction products have been much love by mothers and their children, as well as millions of adults who want to have a good posture, since 1997, and after acquisition by Acorn in 2005. It is the best-selling product in the posture correction category on Tmall and JD, the two biggest E-commerce platforms in China.

Today, the Babaka family of products includes the classic posture correction products, as well as a newly launched “smart” version, including a mobile APP. Babaka has recently also launched a series of new products, including massage products as well as a “posture seat”, for office workers who wish to offset the negative health effects of spend hours at their desks.

Acorn Fresh

Acorn Fresh imports the highest quality food from around the world and delivers directly to its customers across China with a cold chain delivery network that reaches over 80% of the population.

Food safety continues to be a significant problem for even affluent consumers in China. Acorn Fresh addresses this problem by ensuring 100% control of the supply chain from the sea/farm directly to the customer’s table.

Acorn Fresh distributes its premium ingredients across the largest ecommerce platforms in China as well as niche e-commerce, and social commerce platforms to, predominantly, a core customer base of Chinese mothers, ages 25 – 35, who are driven to source safe ingredients for their children and other members of their family.

Acorn Fresh’s e-commerce business is supported by Acorn International’s extensive background in content marketing to create a social experience for its customers through live streaming cooking shows, pre-recorded video content, and other forms of content production and distribution, creating a stickier experience for customers, thus extending the lifetime value of these customer.